Still standing

Work has been busy as of late, training my replacement, Nguyen. But here I am with a few minutes before work taking the opportunity to check in so, to speak.
Highlights of other things
–finished and sent my character for Chris Kindred’s games. My character for Texorami, one Jonas Asherton, will likely have a link to Bridgette’s PC. My character for Wolves is going to be a son of Benedict. I lamented elsewhere, once that I didn’t have grandchildren of Cymnea (ie children of Benedict and his siblings) in my repertoire. Arkantos is designed to fill in that lacunae.
Thanks to Arref for his publication of his latest SB turn. This truly is SB at its best, and a good illustration of the best in the game. SB has a number of interesting developments as of late, the “Assassins at the Docks” is but one of them. People like Deb, and Mike Levay, and Jim, and Bridgette all know what I mean.
This entry was also to test multiple category items. I see that its worked. I had some problems over the weekend trying to get categories to work right–I could assign things, fine, but I couldn’t seem to get the category archives to work. Happily, they are working now.

2 thoughts on “Still standing”

  1. I too thank Arref.
    I was looking for the flavor of that game, and his post certainly provided that. Good stuff.

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