Introducing Jonas Asherton

Since Arref has asked to know a little more about my Texorami character…Jonas.
Character Name: Jonas Asherton
Player: Paul Weimer
Description: Jonas is 5’11” tall, thin, almost in a tuberculosis sort of manner. John will claim that it came from a bout of malaria when he visited “the jungle”. He is pale-skinned, black hair cut short. He typically dresses in a long black coat, white shirt, and dark trousers and usually wears a dark hat.
Colors: Besides his typical black, he often will wear and use effects in silver, and turquoise as accents: cufflinks, rings, etc.
Symbol: A caduceus
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Doctor, Wanderer, Gambler. Jonas is all of these things, an itinerant who wandered into Texorami a year ago, and never has quite left. After studying to become a Doctor, general practice MD, Jonas’ debts and his wanderlust drove him around the land. While in an experience in the jungles to the South, he learned a secret about himself. It seemed that while he could prescribe aspirin and the like, it also seemed that the elixirs and antidotes that he created could have other effects as well. Jonas doesn’t quite think of it so much as magic, but as “science that don’t follow the right rules”. One of his abiding goals and passions is to understand his abilities better, and to learn more “concoctions.” Word or rumor of new information to expand his repertoire has sent on many a journey.
Jonas also likes to gamble. He can’t refuse a game of poker, unless he truly doesn’t have the stake. And even then, he has been known to plunge into a game by selling a ring or knives and the like to get in, and to try and win them back. (He would never bet his buckle or his gun, though) He’s indifferent when it comes to luck overall, prone to long hot streaks followed by long cold ones which take away all of his gains, and often sink him into debt. But he likes the play, nevertheless. “Medicine for a heavy purse” is sometimes how he characterizes his card play.
His practice isn’t quite licensed; Jonas doesn’t like to bother with the paperwork and such when setting up in town after town. Texorami is different though, larger, more impressive. Carving a permanent niche here…well, if his wanderlust could be curbed, that might just be a worthwhile goal. Make friends, get ingratiated, offer his talents in the process, both medical and otherwise. His wanderlust might not be over, but he might have found a base of operations´┐Żand possibly a place to find colleagues as well.
In the meantime, he trusts his skills and abilities, and keeps his eyes open in Texorami for new opportunities. He is garrulous and friendly, more than willing to talk about the places he has gone and the people he has met. He often punctuates conversations around the poker table with anecdotes of his previous adventures.
His current goals and objectives in Texorami are to continue to enjoy the games, to hook up and find worthies to help make a place for himself here, and to continue to seek out new knowledge to add to his “science”

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