Goodbye DBS

Well, yesterday was my last day at work, at Drawer Box Specialties.
Bittersweet? Yes, hell yes. Many of the people who read this blog me know my personality, either by experience or otherwise. I tend to be introverted, but to strangers. When I get to know people, and become comfortable with them, I open up. I become garrulous. I post “words of the week” on the ersatz bulletin board. I chat about mutual (and sometimes not so mutual) interests.

I opened up during my time at DBS. It was a uniformly positive experience, with the inescapable bumps and bruises, but nothing really that was unlike any other job. All jobs have a few lumps.
My co-workers were amicable and friendly, the administration (thankfully) was nothing like some of the people that I’ve dealt with in previous lives of mine, so to speak. Some of you have heard the tales. Heck, I think many of you know I missed an Ambercon one year thanks to one of those winners’ capricious and spiteful nature. I am certain that this would not have happened at DBS.
I will miss the DBS crew. I’ve given my address here to them, to provide one way for them to know I am still alive and functioning halfway across the country.
And although I don’t think there are any woodworkers of any stripe who read this blog, I’ll plug DBS anyway. I had no clue, until I came to work for them, that there WERE companies which made nothing but drawers for cabinets, dressers, computer desks, etc. If you know a furniture maker who is interested in outsourcing drawer construction, then I do recommend contacting DBS. That’s ALL they do, and they do it well. They’re not designed to sell to individuals, they can’t and don’t design drawers…but given the specifications, they can build it.