In the Shadow of Greatness

Arref, over on in the Shadow of Greatness has been thinking about one of his ideas, the dark mirror “In the Shadow of Greatness” Amber setting. (Yes, the name of this game and his blog have a common origin)
I was one of the individuals that he discussed this idea with, when he first conceived it. Now, it seems, Arref is flexing the milieu once again.
So here comes a quick “writing experiment” and see if I can’t provide the seed for one of this unusual dark mirror’s denizens. IF this offends, Arref, I will remove it. But we did talk a lot about this, back when you had the idea, and some of those memories are stirred now.

Stryad, Prince of Umbra
Tall and quiet, he is one of the new military leaders in the family, after the loss of the far greater elders during the bloody war. He has reaved many shadows, attempting to build up his martial skills as fast as possible. He considers a second conflict with the Host an inevitability, not a possibility. favors dark purple and dark blue in his clothing, but does not favor black.
Stryad’s appetite for young men and women are well known through the family, with a predilection for redheads. He is always willing to find new playmates. Even while on campaign, it is rare not to find a willing and eager pretty young thing tied to his bed at night for night’s pleasures. His collection of ‘toys’ is as lovingly kept as his weapons. When he does have the chance to play host in convival settings, he takes care to have such refreshment available to his guests, taking care to make sure both his playmates and guests will be compatible.
Shadows of Strayd tend toward even darker aspects of this sexual desire, sometimes using intelligence and tactical gifts to fulfill that need on, unlike the original, very unwilling partners.

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  1. oops, just noticed… is it ‘strayd’ or not? I thought the irony of ‘strayd’ was fantastic.
    Was that a typo?

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