As the preparations for the con come to a head, I decided I would share my other new character, Arkantos, son of Benedict.
Arkantos, son of Benedict
Description: 6’1″ Tall, Black haired and dark-eyed, Arkantos might be mistaken, at first for a stereotypical son of Corwin, Eric or Deirdre. His looks derive far more from his mother than his father.
Colors: Royal Blue and Gold
Symbol: A trireme, gold on a blue background

Arkantos was born and raised in Atlantis, in a shadow where the small continent sized kingdom lay offshore from Europe, just beyond the mouth of the Mediterranean. Benedict had, in the course of his travels, come to this shadow in search of challenges. He had not expected to fall for Lady Lydia Stephos, a scion of a powerful house of the island kingdom. His travels took him out of the shadow before Lydia’s courses stopped, and thus, nine months later, gave birth to Arkantos, named for his maternal great-grandfather.
Thus, Benedict was doubly surprised when, returning to Atlantis five years later, to be greeted by Lydia, and a dark haired son. He accepted the fact of his paternity, and changed the time of the shadow so that he could raise his son to adulthood. This he and his lady wife did so, the son following in the footsteps of his father, although he proved as adept in marine situations as land combat. He also prepared him for the wider world beyond his shadow.
On his twenty first birthday, Benedict bade his son to grow in strength and ability, and that he would come back on his 30th, to introduce him to Amber. In this way Benedict hoped that his son would be seasoned and matured enough to deal with the Court of Amber.
Good to his word, 9 years later, Atlantis time, Benedict returned, and together sailed across shadow. In the meantime, Arkantos had risen in the officer ranks in the Atlantean navy to command small squadrons in the service of his homeland, against pirates and rival powers alike. With this experience beneath his belt, Arkantos himself felt worthy of being presented to the Court. He walked the Pattern, and gained his full heritage, meeting his new relatives, his new “House”. After a period of about five years traversing shadow and coming into his full abilities (as well as a visit back home), Arkantos returned to Amber.
Tales of Weirmonken and the atrocities perpetuated upon its population have stirred Benedict’s son. He realizes that the Court of Amber might not be officially able to intervene, but surely there are cousins in his family, and others who would be willing to foray into this hell of a shadow and do some good. What if Eric used this Weir during his reign? What is being done is wrong…and even if it could be put down as a “local shadow problem”, Arkantos is all too cognizant that such cultures have a need to spread outward, like a cancer. His father made sure that his education was complete enough to realize this. Having these fascists spread to Begma, Kashfa, or more of the Golden Circle is manifestly not to be desired. Better to strike against it now.
Arkantos will lend his spear to the cause.

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  1. Sounds good.
    I’ve been playing a lot of close relations of Benedict recently. I think there’s a lot of potential in it.
    I was also amused to see a son of Benedict with gold and royal blue as colours, since I play a daughter of same with the exact same colours.

  2. Meh, the character Arkantos is taken from the game Age of Mythology!

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