Tengwar ways of writing my name(s)

I’ve mentioned before on this blog and elsewhere my love of the Tengwar. Sure, the Dwarvish runes and the Norse runes on The Hobbit maps are near, but for that real conlanger approach, Tengwar is where its at.

So what does my name look like in Tolkien’s Tengwar? Turns out there are a number of answers.


Paul Weimer, rendered in an English use of Tengwar. Not bad, eh?

Paul is a biblical name meaning small. A Sindarin word for small is Tithen. So, an elf might call me the Tithen Weimar, or…


Similarly, Princejvstin can be converted to its roots of Prince Justin:


But an elf meeting a Just Prince would call him Ernil Fael, Prince Fair.


Or, perhaps the Fair Prince


And there you have it.

Tengwar, like any letter system, can have the characters drawn in different ways too.


Sarah Chorn is awesome. She is Bookworm Blues on the internet. Taking the bookworm and making that “Worm” a Wyrm, a dragon, and you get Book-Dragon. In Sindarin, that’s parflhûg. Sarah Chorn, the Book-Dragon:


You want to do this yourself? (of course you do)

This English to Sindarin dictionary: http://www.jrrvf.com/hisweloke/sindar/online/sindar/dict-en-sd.html


oTT : online Tengwar Transcriber. You will want the output to be PNG if you don’t have the fonts yourself. Use English 2002 for english transliteration.