Role Call 11

Roll the Bones: Role Call 11
This one has a deceptively simple question:
What’s the best roleplaying game you’ve never played?
I could spend the entry talking about what makes the “best” RPG, so I won’t. I’ll take a broad view of the word best and take it to mean the RPG that most interests and intrigues me.

It’s a good question. So I will pick a few games and talk about them.
Nobilis is a good answer, since I’ve been intrigued by it for quite some time, and do want to get a copy (of the new edition) and try it out. I think I could play the game and enjoy it…and GM it as well.
Exalted also looks very very intriguing. I have the original book, and the Dragon-blooded, and the world presented therein feels a lot less…stifling than World of Darkness can be.
A lot more “four color action and adventure”, either as rebels against a corrupt empire, or the heroes of that empire trying to stamp out the dangerous Solars.
It reminds me a bit of the contrast between the Technocracy and the Traditions, although I think that Mage IS overbiased to be played more by the Trads. Exalted seems to be much “fairer”
The third game I would like to play/GM but haven’t is Continuum. Like Exalted, I have a copy of it, but no one to play it. I should do a review of the full game sometime, since I don’t think its that well-known…and it should be. The idea of the game is to play time travelers, and the focus is on the societies and interactions of these time travelers with each other, their environments and those who would shake the foundations of time–the Narcissists.

2 thoughts on “Role Call 11”

  1. Stifling – yes, that is exactly how that system feels to me…
    I’ve played Changling (A Nocker) and Werewolf (A Raven) and in both I find the world to lean on things in a way that I dislike. Nockers have to enslave Fubars to run their mechanics, Werewolves have either to bow and scrape make deals with the spirits, or enslave them to do the wolf’s will (bad juju, but a noted game dynamic).
    It lacks respect. And this seems endemmic to White Wolf’s game worlds (Do feel free to correct me if I am wrong).
    On the other hand, were I to GM in these worlds, I would replace these with other ideas (rough formed and currently slouching) to make the game more appealing to my sensibilities.
    I have Nobilis on my b-day wish list.

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