Game WISH 39

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 39: Cheating
Have you ever played with someone who cheated? (Fudging dice rolls or implying greater powers than they really had, or some other abuse of in-game trust´┐Ż) How did you handle it? How would you recommend it be handled?
There is definitely a line between bluffing what your character can do, and outright cheating and trying to gimmick a system against the other players (or the GM)

I’ve not had too many bad experiences with players in my games trying to “cheat”. I guess that I feel blessed that most of my players have been far above this.
I have had experiences in the past, though, in games like D&D, where players have tried to bluff the spells they have left, or the like, in order to try and gain advantage. I soon learned and still do like to have double entry bookkeeping, but that unpleasantness has proved to be the exception, not the rule.
And in PBEMs, its very hard to cheat an alert GM