I’m alive

Here I am with a few minutes before flying to detroit with the kindly OLsons, just giving a “shout out” so to speak. I’d do email but without my computer, I don’t have my address book…
Hope everyone is doing well. I feel…funny but then, I have radically changed my situation, hopefully for the better.

3 thoughts on “I’m alive”

  1. Had a great time with Agian in AAPA II. He and Melisande are going to be a handful, I suspect… Heh. (Throw in Calico and we are a walking disaster area. Fun)
    (Ring, what ring? Oh yeah, that ring! Too busy doing to be idly looking at my hands. All those interesting people and places to be aware of instead… Next game we can focus on the ring – worked well this time without it, I thought.)

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