Puppy Manifestos

There’s been some healthy (and unhealthy) chatter between the “Sad Puppies” and the rest of fandom. I don’t have a label to compare with the Sad Puppies–the Sad Puppies call themselves that (except for the Teddy Beale “Rabid Puppies”), and they call people like me the “Social Justice Warriors”

Anyway, what prompted me to write this is what is, in theory, a solid idea from Patrick Richardson:


I’m not so sure about one of the details of the Manifesto, though.

That Freedom of Speech does not mean freedom not to be Offended, nor to impose your Offense on behalf of others.

That Freedom of Speech comes with consequences and others may Consequence your nose if you are too offensive.

That is a very pie-in-the-sky concept that I find, in practice, leads to Theodore Beale calling N.K. Jemisin a “half savage” and then taking umbrage when criticized and shunned for it. Or his constant reference to John Scalzi and Jim Hines as “McRapey” and “McCreepy”. And then have the lack of grace to realize why I scorn him. Its a platform point that seems to be silent about thuggery.

And then:

“Just quit telling us we’re wrong, or homophobic, or transphobic or whatever-the-latest-PC-phobic is for enjoying rousing action tales with lots of hot babes and explosions.”

But…this DOES contradict the Freedom of Speech above, doesn’t it? I might as well ask you all to stop labeling us as “Social Justice Warriors” for wanting something other than the aforementioned action tales with lots of hot babes and explosions. Could we agree on that, too, Mr. Richardson? Or is that still okay by your manifesto and I just have to accept that?

The stuff about anyone who reads science fiction is a fan? I still want to know who told Mr. Richardson otherwise. Because they were dead wrong. If you enjoy SF in any form, you’re a fan. Yay!

3 thoughts on “Puppy Manifestos”

  1. You realize of course, that Beale has every right to refer to Jemsin as a “half-savage” and while I do not condone it, you do realize she had said much worse about him prior to that.

    As to referring to you as Social Justice Warriors, that was your own term, we simply used it back at you.

    We ask that you not call us names, but we do not require it.

    You see, we believe in freedom, which means people have the right to be idiots, even Social Justice Warriors.

  2. Spoiler alert: Jemisin didn’t say anything racist, only that she didn’t feel safe in Australia.

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