Five Woman Exalted Band, the female writer edition

Kate Elliott, as the leader and the Dawn. Her sword is sharp, and she has seen many battles.
Kameron Hurley as the Night. She’s the one whose words and no-fucks-to-give cut with the sharpest of edges.
Kari Sperring as the Twilight. The Smart One, with the degrees and historical background and training to match.
Elizabeth Bear as the Eclipse. The social one, the connected one. Everyone knows her. And like an Eclipse who can
learn charms from anyone, she has arrows of every type in her writing quiver.
Laura Anne Gilman as the Zenith. The one that carries the torch, the encourager, the one who blazes a path.

There are a lot of substitutions one could put in here for the roles, too. But these for now will do.