‘Pinkshirts’ Not concerned with Sales? *Really*?

Today’s comment from the Sad Puppies:


I said this on Larry’s blog yesterday but it bears repeating:

The pinkshirts don’t give a damn about sales. Most of them (Scalzi excepted, by the way) operate in the academic/nonprofit/government grant sector of literature. They don’t get paid for writing stories, they get paid for academic prestige, which they earn by writing stories.

But the key is that prestige doesn’t come from sales, it comes from reviews. For someone like N.K. Jemisin, a couple of reviews in a high-status literary journal are worth more than a thousand copies sold of her fantasy novels. The reviews help her career as an “educator” and “activist.”

This is important because it means the Pinkies are perfectly happy to see SF follow the same course as poetry or jazz: become an art form of interest only to people who get paid to teach classes about it. For them, sales and popularity are actually a BAD thing because that taints the whole field with the aura of lowbrow trash. They don’t want ANY SF books to sell well, so their efforts to make the field incestuous and boring are entirely rational as it serves their own profit.

And here is his original post at Correia’s:
The SJWs don’t care about sales. Because they don’t really make money off of books.
Most of them are academics of some variety. They get paid by universities, or nonprofits, or arts grants. For those groups, sales don’t matter. In fact, good sales might actually endanger your chance of getting more grants or academic promotions.
However, reviews — especially from lit’ry reviewers outside the SF ghetto — are gold. That’s the currency of getting appointments at better institutions, getting tenure, getting fellowships, etc.
So for the SJWs, it’s actually a FEATURE if their crap kills SF and fantasy commercially. They want it to be a little hermetic academic clique like modern poetry.
In short: they’re not just trying to take over SF, they’re trying to kill it.

Good fucking God. Do you really believe this tripe? I see plenty of “Pinkshirt” authors lament about their sales and how they are doing, or not. This is as deluded as someone believing every Sad Puppy is a male author interested in having their novels full of submissive women with big tits.

The Stupid really does burn.

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  1. Sweet baby Odin

    I don’t care about sales? How the hell else am I supposed to make money? I’m not an academic — I left school at 16 — and I hate bloody jazz. I write to tell a story not to further any ulterior motives. My politics do not enter into that.

    This dude could not sound more clueless if he tried.

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