True Fans, Real Fans

Over in the Sad Puppies part of the fandom blogs, I keep seeing this meme propagated. The idea that they were told that they weren’t real fans, that they didn’t count. That they were going to take fandom back, and hoo boy!, aren’t you SJWs going to be sorry when we do!

The latest is from Brad Torgersen’s blog but I want to know is where this idea *came* from? What disturbs me is that this has been co-opted into a Pink versus Blue argument, and, from what I see, the Blues are agitating against a Pink establishment that deems them to be not real fans. It’s popping up everywhere. That last link blames File 770, but I couldn’t find anything remotely close to saying what they are saying Mike said.

This is a strawman argument. I’d like to know the context of where people were told they were not “real fans”. Its ridiculous.

And I dislike strongly the Delenda Est rhetoric. (Sometimes, to avoid Godwin and Friends, its best to go to the original Latin).

As I have said repeatedly: If you enjoy SF in any form, you’re a fan. Yay!

Do I think that, for example, the SF of Theodore Beale is shite? Yes.
Do I think he’s a racist and sexist human being? Based on what he’s written, damn straight, Skippy.
Does that mean he isn’t a reader and writer of science fiction? No.
Does that mean he’s not a fan of SF? No.

There you have it, then.

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