A question I pose to the Sad Puppies about the future of the Hugos

I’ve a question for the Sad Puppies. I crossposted this as a comment on Brad’s Blog, too.

What is the middle game (much less the endgame) here?

Is all this the idea that with enough slates narrowly voted on by Sad Puppies in enough years, all the SJWs are going to dry up and blow away? That, now that everyone has seen that authors like Jim Butcher and Marko Kloos and Tom Kratman can make the Hugo ballot, no one is going to vote for the SJWs blindly because of ‘nomination lock’, and you can declare victory?

Is that what you think is going to happen? Is that what you want to happen?

Is there ever a time that, to stop Rat-faced little Gits and the feminists they support from ever ruining the Hugos again, the Sad Puppies will put up slates and voting them in perpetuity each and every year?

Could a ballot, without a sad puppy slate that had, for example, Brad Torgersen, Larry Correia, Mary Robinette Kowal, Ann Leckie and John Scalzi up for best novels be seen as legitimate by you because, Kowal and Leckie and Scalzi were “surely” logrolled onto there behind the scenes and thus the SJW cabal is back to their old tricks.

Is an annual Sad Puppy slate therefore the “new normal?” to prevent this?

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  1. I asked something similar at Lary Correia’s blog.

    This was my question:
    “As someone who has not participated in the Sad Puppies campaign and is not really comfortable with the idea of the Hugos dominated by slates, be it one or several competing ones, but who has sympathy for your dislike about the SJW-led nastiness that has been going on in the last few years in fandom, I would like to ask you:
    What is the strategy of the Sad Puppies? Will there be a new slate every year for the foreseeable future? Will it be changed for a longer list of recommendations (i.e. clearly more than 5, which is what makes it seem a electoral list rather than a list of recommendations and therefore be disliked by many people who might otherwise be more sympathetic)? Or is this supposed to be a temporary thing until some victory condition has been achieved? If so, what is that condition?”

    These are some responses I got:

    “A SP4 is in the works. Kate the Impaler will be running it. It is unlikely Sad Puppies will stop unless everyone gets really bored.
    It is possible the slate will include more than five slots next year; the idea has been thrown around.
    Other ideas that have been discussed:
    Splitting into multiple slates, or reaching out to other fandoms and helping them start Wheel of Time-like campaigns to get their works on the ballot. Lowering the supporting membership cost to get enough people voting to dilute the effectiveness of slates.
    Ideally, Sad Puppies does want membership to increase to the point where no one group (including the Puppies) can force their choices onto the slate.
    Getting more people involved is the strategy of the Sad Puppies. Whether they vote for things on the slate or not, I don’t think many of us care.”


    “Whatever happens, we’ve won.
    -If the SJW’s have their way, and were able to kick out all the Wrongthink Wrongfans, the Hugos will collapse into utter irrelevance.
    -If we have our way, the pool of voters gets way too big for any one clique to dominate.”

    Another (AG is how I signed my question):

    “AG, every year so far it’s been completely different. Different goals. Different outlook. Different strategies.
    Next year (or so I’ve heard) this goes to Kate. Kate is, more or less in her own words, a foul mouthed Australian geologist that didn’t take shit from men on-site doing manly geology things and isn’t the least bit inclined to take any shit from glittery hoo-ha obsessed Americans now that she lives here.
    So, essentially… it will be Kate’s show. Now, I suggest a logo rework so that next year the Puppies on the banner are all girl puppies. Maybe Power Puff Puppies… one blond, one redhead, one brunette. But we’ll see how that goes.
    The most important thing, AG, is this…
    We know how the Hugos work now. We’ve got a heads up to start picking our favorite books and stories and talking about who ought to be on that slate next year. There’s too much to read for anyone. It’s easy to just suggest your friends and vote for your friends. So there’s a role for me and a role for you and a role for every Puppy and every minion in the Evil League of Evil, and that’s to start saying now… hey, I found this completely awesome self-published e-book and people should check it out because we can’t wait a year for people to find out about it and interest to grow if we want it on the ballot.
    So expect to do that, AG. That’s what I expect to be doing. Any one person only reads an tiny fraction of whatever is published each year. We need crowd sourcing.”

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