Recent Stuff by and with me 4/28

The Weimer’s been busy in your genresphere!

I have an interview of DAEDALUS trilogy author Mike J Martinez at SF Signal. I’ve been an early and often supporter of Mike’s work, and even managed to make the acknowledgements of the third book, coming soon.

Also at SF Signal, I review Mary Robinette Kowal’s OF NOBLE FAMILY. The end to her GLAMOURIST HISTORIES series! A rare 5 star review from me, well deserved.

At SFF Audio, I join Jesse and Jenny on their newest podcast episode to talk about PACIFIC EDGE by Kim Stanley Robinson..

S.C. Flynn has a written interview with the Skiffy and Fanty crew, including me.

I’ve been doing about a review a week at Skiffy and Fanty. My latest is Genevieve Cogman’s THE INVISIBLE LIBRARY.

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