Best Behavior and the Puppies

A Puppy at According to Hoyt (Sarah Hoyt’s Blog) has a warning for SJWs


Do you think I haven’t tried to play nice, to see the Puppies point of view, to walk in their shoes. Did you listen to my interview/discussion at Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing? Have you read the things I’ve written?

What I get is acronyms, and name calling (CHORF, Puppy-kicker, SJW). I get James May using a tweet from a year ago as a baseball bat on me. Every attempt I’ve tried at rapprochement has been met with scorn and hatred.

But it is I who should be on best behavior. I see.

Listen. I have self-esteem issues. I want everyone to be my friend. I get sick when people hate me. What this tells me, Trimegistus, is that nothing I’ve done is good enough. Maybe its not.

Maybe nothing I could ever do is good enough.

3 thoughts on “Best Behavior and the Puppies”

  1. I can’t keep up with all the puppies stuff and the HUGE amount of writing in your online endeavors. However, from what I have followed, I have a hard time imagining you being anything other than courteous, well-informed, and intelligent. I know we have never met, but I think you’re a lovely person.

  2. The very first paragraph shows the Puppies’ problem: “Tananarive or David or whoever insults you in public in front of a large audience…” I can’t imagine either of these presenters using an awards ceremony presentation as an opportunity to publicly insult someone. So she’s feeling persecuted (“nursing those high school grievances” eh?) and/or she expects shitty behavior because it’s something she would do. A lot of conservatives project what they do if they were in power onto other people and then claim they’re being persecuted by that imagined act.

  3. Insular, elitist, inbred CHORFS… “Be on your best behaviour to prove that our insults against you are false!”

    Um… So I suppose if anyone fails at this, it’ll be taken as proof that we’re all apparently inbred, I guess. Also, even assuming both sides have equally good points (and they don’t), to essentially say that the burden is on us to behave when we’ve been insulted is a stretch, especially when this person originally said that if they were insulted, they have every right to be vocally pissed off about it.

    I’m not going to say that insults weren’t hurled on both sides. But I will say that the majority of Puppy rhetoric that I’ve seen seems a lot more insult-laden than that of the opposition.

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