Lou Antonelli, Police Reports and Apologies.

So, for those not aware, Lou Antonelli contacted the Spokane (site of Worldcon) Police Department about how dangerous the Master of Ceremonies, David Gerrold, was, and how he might incite trouble.

After some back and forth, he managed to apologize.

Along another axis (Ed: Note, not afterward these events as previously stated) Carrie Cuinn decided to rescind her invitation to him to be in an anthology she is editing. That got messy when it turned out Lou published an edited version of the email that Carrie sent him disinviting him, and included her email address. If you think that meant poor Carrie has gotten threats of rape and violence, you HAVE been paying attention.

But of course the real fault is in the SJWs and Puppy Kickers, according to Amanda Green.

And, like with so much of what the Anti-Puppy crowd has done these last few months, they have taken Antonelli’s actions and blown them out of proportion. Specifically, Antonelli sent a letter to the Spokane Police Department expressing concerns not so much about what David Gerrold might personally do but what some of those who follow him on social media might do. Was it a wise move on Antonelli’s part? No. But, to be honest, with some of the vitriol I have seen from both sides of the fence the last few months, I can understand why he might have felt concerned.

To which I have to say. REALLY?

If the positions were reversed, and I called Chattanooga PD about my concerns about some of the Puppy guests at Liberty Con and how I was afraid for my safety there because of some of the intemperate things that Puppy supporters have said, the Puppies would freak out. Even if I apologized afterwards. There would be calls for my head.

Sigrid Ellis is on side with me on this.

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  1. Actually, Cuinn rescinded the offer before Antonelli apologized. She also has said she offered a kill fee for the piece.

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