The ugliness of the Xenophobia of William Lind

I got a random tweet from a gentleman who hosted a blog post from William Lind. You’ll remember i have blogged about Lind before–he’s the “From my Nightmare 1995 to my Utopian 2050”, complete with a breakup of the US, and the burning of the bishopess of Maine.

Anyway, he saw my tweet and linked me to said blog post, where Lind offers two possible futures, a Bad One and a Good one.

Go ahead, read it.


Yeah. I don’t like either future. What disturbs me is that the “Successful” future is a xenophobic’s dream. Nuking Saudi Arabia to glass after a nuclear terrorist attack? Building a Great Wall of America? Constitutional Amendments forbidding the practice of Islam? This is your GOOD future?

“Our response did not end there. We finally resolved the immigration issue correctly: all immigration was forbidden unless someone came with at least ten million dollars (sound dollars, now). A replica of the old East-West German border was built between the U.S. and Mexico. Anyone attempting to cross a border illegally – here and in Europe — gets shot. That’s what a border means.”

On a practical level, I don’t think that Lind even contemplates just how physically impractical his Great Wall really is. The cost would be ruinous if you extended that wall across the entire border with Mexico, and the costs and logistics of maintaining it would be even more so. You’d basically have a good chunk of US Army encamped on the US-Mexico border full time.

I’m sorry, Mr. Lind. I don’t share your vision of a Successful America. Not. In. The. Least.

One thought on “The ugliness of the Xenophobia of William Lind”

  1. Tens of millions of people agree with Lind’s thinking, and would applaud American nuking Saudi Arabia (current population 30 million) after an attack on the US — as many urged us to do after 9/11.

    The two parties are not the same. We have an election coming up. Visions like this should encourage us all to get involved.

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