The Evil that SJWs do

On her blog, Sarah Hoyt has her own recap of recent events in the Hugo/Puppies Drama

The narrative is what you’d expect–the Puppy-kickers are evil, she has screenshots to prove the perfidy of people ranging from Teresa Nielsen Hayden to Moshe Feder. It’s an eclectic list of screenshots, going all the way back to 2014.

Look, Sarah, its not the wrongfun. That is a strawman argument. I’ve read and enjoyed plenty of fiction that fall within the “puppy” penumbra, including some of your own work.

What I object is to the use of slate to promote a specific set of books at the expense of the rest of the damned electorate. Thanks to the Sad and Rabid Puppies slating and a lot of people following those slates to often slavish degrees, this year’s Hugo ballot is almost entire Sad and Puppy nominees. I know Libertarians like to think that “fair” is a nebulous concept, so I will say instead it is assholish behavior. Its like coming up to a lemonade stand that says “5 cents a cup” and bringing a Big Gulp cup and emptying the kid’s lemonade pitcher into your big gulp cup for 5 cents. Is it technical right by what the sign says? Sure? But is it right? No.