Boxcars, Marxists, and SJWs

You, know, I try so hard to see the other side. I try my damnest.

And, then a comment from Brad Torgersen at Sarah Hoyt’s blog makes me wonder–what the hell is the point. I am quoting the whole thing, andlinking to it:

Brad R. Torgersen | August 13, 2015 at 3:36 pm | Reply
Lately, I have thought this: if conservatives believe the purpose of government is to preserve liberty, liberals believe the purpose of government is to perfect the human condition. One of these goals is achievable. The other is a well-intended road to Hell.

The Futurians were an egg-headed bunch of ambitiously political chaps who thought the purpose of science fiction should be to proselytize Marxism, and extoll the virtues of a Marxist future. Many of them went on to be important writers and editors in the field. The consciousness of the field is therefore strongly shaped by these overtly politicized beginnings — to include the Marxist mindset that art should serve the project of improving society.

Now, these weren’t cynically malevolent Stalinists. Rather, they were starry-eyed Walter Duranty-type believers in the inevitability of the redistributive “scientific state” which would end poverty, end wars, end classism, and other “isms” as identified during the Long Struggle to make the world be “better.”

The Futurians — in 1939 — did not have our 20/20 hindsight of the Soviet Experiment, with its gulags and mass graves.

The rage-inducing part is that the great-grandchildren of the Futurians do have that 20/20 hindsight, and they learn absolutely nothing from it. They want to repeat the horror: the intrusive and omnipresent state control, the armies of Cheka police enforcing state-mandated doctrine, the unpersoning, the ritual Mao-style shamings and reeducation, the use of “fair game” tactics against designated targets; and the associates and families of same. Destroying businesses. Destroying lives. A mass chilling effect. And so much worse.

People think gulags can’t happen here.

Most of the Commissars of the new Cheka — the Political Correctness zealots — would happily see camps opened and filled to overflowing. They’ve already figured out how to manipulate campuses with political courts that operate in place of the actual law. They are actively working within the political framework of cities and states and the federal government, to get the laws perverted so that political courts can operate with full state authority. “Hatred” is the new enemy, and HATRED is the label that is applied to “Anything and anyone we don’t like,” according to the Commissars.

Columnist Cathy Young, who saw the Soviet system from the inside, recently excerpted a startlingly grotesque — and increasingly familiar — chapter from a novel, regarding the days of the Soviet world at its terrifying zenith.

This is the passage that caught my eye the most:

what sort of things was he saying before? No, comrades, expelling Shevchuk is easy, but it’s not enough. Not enough! We have to investigate the entire teaching staff and the school administrators, we need to find out how the school could have allowed an unhealthy environment to thrive in which this Shevchuk could operate with impunity. I think, comrades, that we need to send a Party commission to the school. And to identify all the unhealthy elements that may be present.

Let me re-fiddle that for you:

What sort of things were they saying before? No, expelling Correia or Torgersen is easy, but it’s not enough. Not enough! We have to investigate the entire science fiction field and the publishers, we need to find out how the field could have allowed an unsafe environment to thrive in which these cisnormative, sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic authors could operate with impunity. I think, comrades, that we need to send a Hate Crimes commission to Worldcon. And to identify all the unsafe elements that may be present.

So, the field is essentially returning to its Marxist roots. But the starry-eyedness is mostly gone. Now we’re down to the raw hate of the thing: the vengeance-minded outliers and weirdos, determined to punish wrongdoing and wrongthinking and wrongfeeling. Which means, of course, smoking out all the wrongfans having all the wrongfun with their wrongstuff.

If they could clap us in shackles, put us into the boxcars, and send us to the icy wastes to die, they would do it in a heartbeat.

Because — by golly! — somebody has to make things be safe!

10 thoughts on “Boxcars, Marxists, and SJWs”

  1. Ballade of Sad Puppies

    Who knows within what hidden garret
    Vox Day scribes his sexist rant,
    or why Correia tries to parrot
    his vicious views with careless cant,
    or Torgerson begins to prate
    of how their work has been ignored
    providing cover for their slate
    behind his merited award;
    they’re powered by their privileged fear.
    Oh, where are the pros of yesteryear?

    Who gives an SJW account
    of why his nominees should win
    by arguing there’s some amount
    of worthiness that gets them in
    instead of that their writing’s good?
    Who claims that helping other folk
    around the writing neighborhood
    deserves a win – that’s just a joke
    deserving nothing but a jeer:
    Oh where is the prose of yesteryear?

    And what of other nominees
    whose attitudes do not align
    with this reactionary sleaze?
    It stains them if they don’t decline
    to stand there on that slippery slope,
    since they implicitly compete
    as cover for the scam in hope
    that legal acts that seem a cheat
    will not torpedo each career —
    Oh where are the pros of yesteryear?

    Fans! It’s not good politics
    to vote for views, not writing, here —
    vote ‘No Award’, not for the fix
    that fakes the prose of yesteryear.

  2. I tried to read that post, but started twitching almost immediately at:
    “if conservatives believe the purpose of government is to preserve liberty”

    Does he really believe that? Boy, are they in for a shock.

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