Sympathy for the Puppy: Brad Responds

At Hoyt’s blog, Brad Torgersen has responded to my comment in response to his Boxcar Comment. I reproduce it here in full:

Paul, I don’t think you and I have ever specifically had a “face-to-face,” either on the internet or in person. Perhaps I can put it like this:

Since the release of the Hugo final ballot in April, I’ve had the following happen to me:

– I’ve been called a liar.
– I’ve been called a cheater.
– I’ve been called a coward.
– I’ve had my career as an author threatened.
– I’ve had my military career threatened.
– I’ve had my civilian career threatened.
– I’ve been called a racist.
– I’ve been called a sexist.
– I’ve been called a homophobe.
– I’ve had a small press get bullied into removing me from a project.
– And, I’ve been sent death threats. To include threats against my family.

Now, I don’t blame Worldcon fandom specifically for the death threats. Those happened about the time Arthur Chu was attacking me, and since Arthur’s fans are into that kind of thing, I chalked it up to Arthur’s fans just doing what they do best. Arthur doesn’t give a damn about science fiction or the Hugos, and neither do his fans. Arthur is in it for Arthur — the runaway ego who thinks he can call the whole world names.

Still, my wife’s been taking shooting classes, is getting a weapon, and also a concealed-carry permit. Anyone who tries to hurt her or our daughter while I am away on deployment, is going to get properly capped.

Hopefully you’ve not been involved in any of the items I listed. If you were, I hope perhaps you’ve had second thoughts about it?

It’s difficult for me to remain civil, when some of the people who compose the opposition resort to smear campaigns, slander, and threats — in order to try to make me go away.

As for slating, it’s not like this hasn’t been happening forever anyway — the direct application of “methods” to get things onto the ballot.

Locus does it every year with their own list, and nobody bats an eyelash. Bloggers aplenty also do their own lists. TOR has been very actively pushing to get its overtly political authors — Leckie, Scalzi, Hurley — rocketships. Seanan McGuire got on the ballot five times in a single season and nobody said shit about it. Or if they did, nobody pitched the kind of fit they’ve pitched this year.

So far as I can tell, the only real difference between what Sad Puppies 3 has done, and what TOR or the McGuire lobby have done, is that Sad Puppies 3 was a fully transparent effort operated completely above-board with ample lead time and fully within the rules. We didn’t want to be a “quiet manipulation” as most other Hugo logrolling efforts are. In fact, Sad Puppies 3 didn’t want to be a “manipulation” at all. We wanted to be in broad daylight. No hiding. No pretending.

And we succeeded precisely because of that transparency. We threw the tent flap wide, yelled, “Come one, come all,” and we didn’t do sniff tests, and we didn’t give a damn if anyone was the “right” kind of fan.

I’ve said it elsewhere: Sad Puppies 3 demanded nothing, and threatened nothing. We invited people to vote. We suggested what we thought would be good for the ballot. Nothing was commanded.

The opponents of Sad Puppies 3 have demanded and commanded a great deal. Lies and slander and threats, and much worse, have been directed at Larry Correia, myself, and most other notable Sad Puppies players, for months. Make it years, if we go back to the hatred directed at Correia specifically in 2014 — when Larry got death mail too.

If the response of some Sad Puppies opponents is to make death threats — because a democracy was exercised democratically — this says far, far more about the hearts of those opponents, than it does about us. We’re having fun. The “wrong” fun if you ask many sourfaced Trufen. But it’s still fun.

People who make threats? Against life, limb, property, and profession?

There is nothing “fun” in that mentality. Just the opposite.

If you’re spending a lot of time with the anti-Puppies — with the people who are committed to stopping Sad Puppies at all costs — Tend to your own house, sir. There are some dark souls dwelling there. Maybe not you specifically, but those who walk around you and mutter, “Something must be done.”

Because If you think Sad Puppies 3 was bad for the well-meant (but ultimately naïve) reliance on a tacit understanding of the hands-off traditions and expectations of the Hugos, just wait until the Social Justice crowd really gets their legs under them. Sad Puppies could go away forever. The rules could be changed to get rid of us — many want that. But the Social Justice wing of SF won’t be satisfied. Kicking puppies is just their warm-up act. They learned all the worst lessons of Marxism and Marxist tactics, and they’re determined to take over.

Thus, the actual evil is coming in the future. And I mean the actual evil. And it won’t be us. We’ll have long since been evicted from the space — we ultimately don’t care who calls us bad. It’ll be the people who hate you, Paul, for not being a good enough “ally” according to the solipsistic rules of the Victim Heirarchy, so they will invent all kinds of bogeyman bullshit about why you’re a secretly horrible person, and an oppressor, and they will start the threats and the slander all over again. And no matter how much you try to appease them, they won’t be happy with you. Until you’re shut out and erased from the equation.

4 thoughts on “Sympathy for the Puppy: Brad Responds”

  1. Um. Since when is Ann Leckie a Tor author? I mean, don’t get me wrong, we’d love to have her, but she’s with Orbit. And Kameron Hurley has, AFAIK, only published a short story on – her novels were published by NSB and Angry Robot. I know this is not the main thing to take away from Brad’s, um, let’s call it a comment? But still.

    1. Accuracy has never been Brad’s strong suit. Knowing that he got such easily checkable things wrong, one might be inclined to take the rest of his wild-eyed screed with a grain of salt the size of Greenland.

  2. “They learned all the worst lessons of Marxism and Marxist tactics, and they’re determined to take over.”

    Heavens, the paranoia and delusions are breathtaking. The really sad part is that he may actually believe all this. And the funny thing is that he is the one threatening people with ‘getting capped’.

  3. I just got around to reading this. What a carefully crafted bunch of bullshit and psychological manipulation. And I don’t for one second believe he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing.

    I’m going to add to his list of things he’s been called.

    What a worldclass asshole.

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