When you go full metal Godwin and reject every attempt at meeting of minds…

When you go full metal Godwin and reject every attempt at meeting of minds…


You finally lose all of my patient efforts at trying reconcilation, rapprochment, seeing your perspective, trying to make peace and build bridges. God knows, I tried every which way from Sunday. I channeled my inner Ingrey, Scipio and diplomats from every fiber of my being. I tried reason, persuasion, passion, and seeing the other side of the argument.

For what? To get compared to Hitler and Goebbels?

I am DONE with the Puppies shit. DONE.

Or, for fans of Babylon 5:


One thought on “When you go full metal Godwin and reject every attempt at meeting of minds…”

  1. Hello:

    You are one of the very few people who seems to read the puppy sources and the truefen sources. Your posts at Monsterhunternation and at madgenius club have been helpful and rational.

    I’m sorry you are discouraged. I would not give up trying to be rational, although a pause for a bit might be useful (say a month or two).

    I think some of the authors behind Sad Puppies are pretty angry with slander in the liberal media and with the two editor nominees being block voted no-award to the tune of 2,500 votes. See chaoshorizon for an analysis. He is a stand-up guy willing to have any reasonable discussion about the numbers.

    I’m a first time Hugo voter. I did not nominate. Like you, I read everything and voted what I liked. Congrats to you for doing likewise.

    I see only two reasonable areas of compromise between the Sad Puppies and the rest of the truefen.
    1] Sad Puppies recommends either less than 5 nominees per category or 8+ nominees per category. Why? I think the truefen were really outraged that entire categories were basically closed down even if the actions were within the rules.

    2] WorldCon attendees vote down EPH but pass 4 of 6. Let me explain this one. EPH is so complex and convoluted that it has the logical appearance of trying to game the rules to shut down “outsiders.” Regardless of intentions, that would be the interpretation. 4/6 is a simple means of ensuring that one block does not lock down a category. It does not, on its face, appear to game the system.

    Have you read George RR Martin’s post on the Hugos? He felt the applause for no awards was insulting to the nominees. He also felt that the editor picks were largely good choices. He stated he was trying to find the editor nominees to pour oil on the water.

    Anyway, I’m ending reading any comments on File 770. Almost everyone there (you excepted) seems to be talking to an insular group without considering anything else.

    I appreciate your forum participation. I think that for a sizable group of the Sad Puppies there could be some bridge-building. Vox Day seems to be playing a trope to build sales among a narrow market segment. Throwing bombs is making him money. He has no reason to stop.

    I’ll respond, if you wish to communicate, to the airboy address. I won’t be coming back to any comments on the truefen blogs for at least 6 months.

    Keep your chin up. Civility builds friends. People who do not try to understand the viewpoints of others seldom succeed.

    Most sincerely,

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