Borderlands 2–surprising diversity

I’ve been playing Borderlands 2 as a form of stress relief, and for its faults, it has, I see, a surprising amount of
diversity. Delightfully so:

Out of the Six playable characters, 2 are women, one is a clear minority (Salvador is Hispanic).

The leaders of the city of Sanctuary are a minority man and a woman, both playable characters from the first Borderlands.

Sir Hammerlock, a quest giver, casually mentions his ex-boyfriend in one quest plotline.

The leader of the town of Overlook brooks no sexism from one of the residents, and she cleverly has the PC deal with said sexist pig by means of heavy artillery.

Ellie, a quest giver, is body-shape positive, and comfortable with her overweight proportions.

Sure, there is a lot of crassness in the game, but its refreshing to see a not insignificant amout of diversity where they didn’t necessarily “have” to put it.

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