Game WISH 44: Picking Games

Perverse Access Memory: WISH 44: Picking Games
Ginger asks:
How do you choose games to join or to run? What factors influence you: timing, people, system, genre, etc.? Do you weigh different factors for different kinds of games, e.g., online vs. tabletop vs. LARP? Is it a group decision or a decision you make on your own?
Time and Commitment have been noted by Ginger and others is the primary thing. If I can’t give of myself well to the game, I won’t run it.
Case in point: I have mentioned in a previous Game WISH entry back on the old blog that I have several more games that, if I had time, I WOULD run. But I know I could not make the commitment to run two PBEMs. It just wouldn’t work out for the new game or for SB.
My second factor is thus the spark…from either end. This is much more of a primary concern when I am picking things to run at ACUS, for instance. Do I have a spark of an idea, a overarching plan to run the characters through. Or, conversely, can I bring someone to person X’s game. I joined Chris’ Kindred’s game among other reasons because I wanted to roll out two new characters for it. I already have a couple of possible sparks for next ACUS…and that doesn’t even include the continuation of AAPA.
The next factor is people. Face it, I am a person of comforts, and I am most comfortable when I do have people I know, or want to know, in the same milieu. This goes for games FTF or PBEM. In point of fact, i am going to join a new game because, well, I was invited by a good friend, and the rest of the cast are people I want to play with (and in some cases already do).
I balanced out my time, saw a spark of a character I want to bring to it, and the people in the game I want to collaborate with to bring a new world to life.
Game system? That goes under “spark”. There are game systems I really want to try, and that factors into the whole “inspiration bit”. I think I could enjoy Nobilis, for instance.
But basically it is Commitment, Spark, and People. And its not that big of a gradient between Spark and People, they are very much co-equal as factors. I will try harder to come up with a spark if I have the people, and if the spark is there, I will try to bring it to the people.

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  1. One of the things I find about the time constraint is that a good game makes me more energetic than I am without it. While there’s definitely an upper limit for what I can do, especially for FTF gaming, getting the good energy from interacting with people and having fun gives me more energy for other games, and for my GMing.

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