Role Call 14

Roll the Bones: Role Call 14
What’s the first thing you look at when picking up a new roleplaying game?

Setting. I use and steal from games mercilessly. I have not played Changeling, or Exalted, or a bunch of the other games I have…but I’ve taken ideas from the games and put them into other milieus. Its almost a trademark.
So if a game has a great setting, I am going to be attracted to it. I picked up a used copy of the out of print game Nexus for that reason. That game is set in a Cynosure-like city which is made up of patchwork realities and has connections to many worlds. I’ve not figured out yet what I am going to do with it, but I will.
In Nomine’s Marches book is helping me flesh out the Dreamlands of SB…not the core which most of the PCs have visited, but the wilder, outer lands…where the Gods still slumber, and sometimes walk.
That also explains my fascination with a lot of GURPS products, and why I am eagerly anticipating things like GURPS Planet of Adventure (set on Vance’s Tschai).