The Journeys of Paul, 2015 edition

2015 was a banner year for travel for me, highlighted by crossing off the biggest thing on my bucket list, Rome!

So, the Stats:

Multi Day Trips, 2015:
Driving Trip to Arkansas
Flight to Rome, Italy

Places Slept, 2015:
Roseville, Minnesota (home)
Lawrence, Kansas
Sherwood, Arkansas
Hannibal, Missouri
Rome, Italy

Cardinal Directions:
Furthest North (North America): Cascade River State Park, Minnesota
Furthest North: Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands
Furthest East (North America): JFK Airport, New York City
Furthest East: Pompeii, Italy (all time furthest East reached)
Furthest South: Hot Springs, Arkansas
Furthest West: Topeka, Kansas

State Capitols Seen (New):
Topeka, Kansas
Little Rock, Arkansas
Jefferson City, Missouri
Springfield, Illinois
Madison, Wisconsin

National Parks (New):
Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas