And the Seventeenth Amendment, too, John?

Stop me, I am blogging about John C Wright’s blog posts again.

The Federalist Papers are one of those “founding documents” of American political thought that anyone who wants to understand the origins of American Democracy needs to read. I read them in High School.

Anyway, in a blogpost about Federalist Paper 10, John C Wright says:

The Seventeenth Amendment could never have been passed in a nation whose citizens read and affirmed Federalist 10. It is a warning against Progressivism, Leftism, Populism, Factionalism, and the lure of charismatic leaders.

The 17th Amendment is the Amendment that allows for the direct election of Senators. Before the 17th Amendment, Senators were chosen by State Legislatures. The reason why it was passed is because the Gilded Age made a mockery of this practice, and made Senate seats political plums for the rich and powerful.
Recently, the Utah Legislature voted in favor of this horrible idea.

You really want to repeal the 17th Amendment, too, John??!