Strange omission at Amazon

I was in the bookstore tuesday, a bit of a celebration with Felicia and myself for passing my written Minnesota Driver’s License (yes this will soon mean I will have had three driver’s licenses from three jurisdictions in two years).
I picked up two books. One of them was in the bargain bin, a compliation of some articles published in an English newspaper that serve as an introduction to…Latin. Remember I know a few phrases but not the entire language, this book looked interesting and might help.
The second book was a paperback copy of Peter F Hamilton’s Fallen Dragon. It’s not set in the “Night’s Dawn” universe, its a standalone. I didn’t know that the paperback was even out…and here is the crux why.
I use as a reference and resource to what books are coming out, and when. I have a directory of IE favorites which are shortcuts to book listings on amazon that I can use to keep track of what books I want. I’ve grown to depend on amazon as a guide to what I might want to buy.
The paperback edition of Fallen Dragon is NOT offered for sale on Amazon, and worse, isn’t even listed as coming out. I thought that, perhaps, the PB just came out…but no, I went to, and apparently the publication date for it was February.
So, amazon has ignored the existence of this edition for a couple of months now. A strange omission indeed.

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