Finding new venues– BN Sci Fi

Hello there.

So you’ve seen that SF Signal is closing. And I do have Skiffy and Fanty as my primary home, I don’t “flood the zone” (NFL football reference there) with endless stuff for them because that would get tedious. And I do like my independence and ability to have fingers in pies.

So, now BN SCi Fi. Yes, the Barnes and Noble SF blog has taken me on. My first piece with then is an interview with Michael Underwood (yes, of Skiffy and Fanty) about his Genrenauts Kickstarter. That interview is here:

So, basically where I used to do written interviews for SF Signal, I will now be offering them to BN Sci Fi. So, writer friends, if you are looking to be interviewed by me as I did in the days of SF Signal..well, you know what to do. Email me!

Is that it, then? Am I looking for any other venues and outlets?

Well…nothing is set, yet, but…Spoilers!