This is almost incestuous to

This is almost incestuous to reply and reference it back and forth, but it does look like Meera is having her own thoughts on Primal Powers and what makes one over on her Amber Bits.
Her idea is that Trump is the original, first power, THE original power. Its an interesting thought, and I could see designing a hierarchy of powers based on her concepts (go and see her link for what she is talking about).
In my games, Trumps are Art and aren’t quite so much a power as a reflection of the relation between art and reality. You could argue that I am really saying the same thing as Meera, but I don’t go with her flow about Trump use and the reality of locations.
Her comment about Pattern Ghosts being a tool by a sentient Pattern to figure out things is VERY interesting when you consider the Children of the Jewel Project that Arref, myself and a couple of others experimented with. It’s a similar idea, really.