New venues and new stuff for the start of summer

Time to toot my horn a little bit, if you please.

Visitors to might have noticed a post called Of Dogs and Men: Clifford Simak‚Äôs City, under the rubric Lost Classics, by yours truly. Yes, I post at now, and the title “Lost Classics” should clue you in that this is similar to the Mining
the Genre Asteroid column at Skiffy and Fanty. Speaking of Skiffy and Fanty, I have an interview with Morgan Grant Buchanan and Claudia Christian, yes, THAT Claudia Christian, at Skiffy and Fanty. Check that out.

Also, the new Fox Spirit Books Anthology: EVE OF WAR is now out, and that has a sword and sorcery story by yours truly called “The Crossing”. More info on the anthology, and links
to buy it, are here.

Pretty good for a week so far, eh?