No, we don’t hate Sad Puppies for the reasons you give.

believe the gap between the puppy kickers and the sad puppies was trenched deliberately. It is not because they misunderstand us that they hate us; they hate us because we love science fiction for its own sake, as an imaginative exercise opening realms of wonder. They see science fiction as they see all things, as tools useful for social engineering and thought policing. We seek to free the mind, they seek to chain the mind.

–John C Wright. “Superversive: Puppy Pictures, Please

No, John. “Puppy Kickers” do NOT hate the Sad and Rabid Puppies because you love SF for its own sake. Those opposed to the Puppies object
to Theodore Fucking Beale making slates and using such tactics to put shit works on the Hugo Ballot.

I do not hate Theodore Beale because he loves SF for his own sake. I hate Theodore Beale because in a fit of pique, he has decided to try and spoil Science Fiction for his own amusement. Or do you think it was an act of love and respect on Theodore Beale and the Rabids part for Science Fiction that they slated Chuck Tingle onto the Hugo Ballot this year?

Theodore Beale and the Rabids are Jokers, John, in the Batman sense of the word. I hate him because he is anti-Science Fiction, against this genre that you *know* that I love.