And because its Sunday, Divisional

And because its Sunday, Divisional Playoffs, time for a bit of silliness. On the other hand, this would explain much…

Kurtis, Football Player Amberite

100 point version

Brendan Getzell pointed out that Kurt Warner’s walk-away-from-the-line fake on fourth down against the Niners, however clever-looking, should have drawn a flag because as part of the act, the space alien unbuckled his chin strap. They may allow that on your homeworld, but not here, buddy!
-Tuesday Morning Quarterback, Slate magazine.
It’s an improbable story at best, one that hollywood itself might reject. A complete unknown, at one point working in a supermarket in Iowa, turns out, once given the proper environment and training, to become an NFL Quarterback of such skill, that a sports columnist jokingly refers to him and his team as space aliens.
Perhaps there is more to Kurtis Warner than meets the eye. With Corwin on Earth for so long, is it so odd to think that he might have sired children outside of his knowledge. And that one of them would display his abilities in such a forum?
Current Objectives: Recently learning of his Amber heritage, the sky is the limit for the young son of Corwin. Used to working with a team in the NFL, it is likely that Kurtis will find allies of repute, and make a difference. Once he figures out what he is REALLY capable of.


Endurance 5
Strength: 5
Warfare: 20
Banked for Pattern: 50
Kurtis has not yet walked the Pattern, but it is not likely Random will long refuse him.

Artifacts of Power

Football( 6 pts)
Kurtis is never far away from a football. Useful for physical training, they can also be turned to dangerous weapons. Kurtis is far more dangerous with
these in his hand than a blade…although his father and Gerard will likely correct that deficiency
Extra Hard(1)
Amber Devotee (6)
Good Stuff (3)

Tips for playing Kurtis:

Be Humble. You didn’t expect to be an NFL star, and you never saw this coming, either. Be honest with those around you, and good things will flow from it. Yes, your relatives seem as sneaky as Al Davis on his worst day, but you’ve dealt with the NFL. Amber should be a piece of cake. And never forget where you came from.