New $20 bill

U.S. adds a little color to $20 bills
Doubtless many of you have heard this, or seen them, but I thought that I would give a link to a news article. I think that probably I’d have to see the bills for myself before passing judgement. I do recognize, though, that the US was one of the few major nations with monochromatic currency. This will break that.

One thought on “New $20 bill”

  1. I have watched the commercials for the new money and frankly, I am disgusted and angry that my government would spend 33 MILLION dollars to advertise this ‘new money’ when our children are hungry and when our senior citizens have to go to Mexico to buy their prescription drugs (or do without).
    Why on earth is it so important to advertise the fact that we have a new-colored 20-dollar bill? I do not understand why we spend money on something like this when we need the money for FAR MORE IMPORTANT THINGS!
    Who ever thought of this idea to spend all this money on advertising should be fired from his or her job. This is absolutely the worst MIS-USE of my taxes I have ever seen; it ranks right up there with the clinical study of why frogs are GREEN (now that was another stupid expenditure!)
    I can think of tons of other things to spend the money on, food for our poor, better health care, help for our teachers, and many other things FAR MORE IMPORTANT!
    I ask you this- do you not think I would KNOW that there is a new $20 when I see it after I receive it as change at my local grocery store? What difference does it make to me what color my money is?
    I understand that the change to the money is to discourage counterfeiting- but the average American is NOT a counterfeiter, and does NOT care what the money looks like, as long as it can be used to buy groceries, clothes, tires for the car, pay the mortgage and other necessities for life.
    I think you’ll find that there are millions of people that feel this way and are very upset that our government again found something STUPID to spend our tax dollars on.

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