A little fun with Latin

As I mentioned in an earlier entry, I picked up a bargain book at B&N a little while ago that is an introduction to Latin. Called Learn Latin, by Peter Jones, it purports to be a lively introduction to reading the language.

Languages are one of those things I wish I was better at doing. Its not a failure at scholarship, but I’ve never picked up languages well at all, even while simultaneously tackling what I would consider to be much harder subjects. So I’ve been slowly working on this book, assimilating the first few chapters until I get them right. I’ve made progress, though, I’ve found my years of Spanish have helped somewhat, although Latin is an language with quirks of its own.
What do I mean? Well, for example, word order does not determine the subject or object noun in a sentence…the ending does.
Felicia Scottum amat
Felicia loves Scott
On the other hand, change the endings but keep the word order:
Feliciam Scottus amat
Scott loves Felicia
Felicia et Scottus coquere amant
Felicia and Scott love to cook
And not to leave me out…
Paulus lunam videt
Paul sees the Moon
Paulum serva ducit
The slave-girl leads Paul
(note for the latin experts–I’ve assumed Felicia is a first declension noun, and Scott and myself are second declension. I’m not up to third declension yet)

One thought on “A little fun with Latin”

  1. Scott strikes me as likely to be an irregular noun, or at least ill-formed. I’d have to dig up Wheelock to decide what declension I really think he belongs in. Yes, I’m a geek.
    I’m amazed I still remember any of this stuff, though, since I last touched Latin in grad school, and that was medieval Latin, where the word order carries meaning and a lot of the declension and conjugation habits have dropped off.

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