The 2017 Down Under Fan Fund and me

The 2017 DUFF Race is on.

DUFF is the Down Under Fan Fund, which is dedicated to sending a fan from the US to Australia (and vice versa) for purposes of connecting fans from
each of the antipodes.

I’d like to put my hat in the ring. The thing is, I need YOUR help.

According to Lucy Huntzinger, current administrator of DUFF:

Each candidate posts a bond ($5US) promising to travel (if elected) to a major convention on the other side of the Pacific, and provides nominations from five nominators (three from North America, two from Australia or New Zealand); it used to be we had to have their signatures, but I am okay with them sending me an email stating that they are nominating you for the 2017 race. They should use this email address and I must receive their nomination by January 22, 2017.

So I need nominators from Fandom, from both sides of the world, to make this work. Would you be willing to nominate me? Email me at AND Lucy at