How to vote for DUFF and send me to Australia for Continuum

A writer friend on twitter wanted to donate and vote for me for DUFF, the Down Under Fan Fund. The voting page, however, could be clearer.

In the interest of getting votes and donations, I will provide clarity.

To donate and vote for DUFF, the simplest method.

1. Paypal a minimum $5 donation to one of the two DUFF administrators. (choose the option to send money to friends and family)

1a. Indicate in the notes that you are voting for DUFF and indicate your choice. In the notes list your choices (its ranked choice voting like the Hugos)


I am voting for DUFF as follows:
1. Paul Weimer
2. Hold over Fan Funds
3. No Preference

The DUFF Administrator email addresses are (use either one!)
AUSTRALASIA: Clare McDonald-Sims,
NORTH AMERICA: Lucy Huntzinger (acting NA admin)

Simple, right? Now help me get to Australia! Voting ends on March 10th