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Perverse Access Memory: WISH 47: Learning Your Lesson
Name one lesson you learned in gaming that you will (hopefully) never have to learn again.

It’s a harsh one, and it still rankles me a bit, but I am learning to accept my lesson:
Not everyone, even people who like you and you like, will enjoy your game.
It’s not something I like to think about, a sort of risk avoidance strategy if you want to be psychological. But, SB has had players enter the game that didn’t work out.
For the longest time, and to an extent I still blame myself for their incompatibility with my game and my universe. It’s part of a overrriding belief that because I like person X, person X should be happy in my game.
“It aint necessarily so”
I don’t want to name names, that would not be fair. But more than one gamer in our community has entered into my game and found it not to their liking. It pains me, but I have learned a harsh lesson from this–its not guaranteed that someone will be happy in your game. You can try your best, you can work with the player, but something its not meant to be.
It’s a damn shame, too, because the aforementioned gamers would have, had things worked out, only enriched the flavorful soup that is Strange Bedfellows.

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  1. I feel your pain. I no longer game with a group that includes some very close personal friends for exactly this reason. (This is, in fact, one of the things my lesson covers.)
    We’ve had four players leave House of Cards, only one of which was for time reasons. I’m on good terms with all the departees (two of whom still lurk) but I’m still sad about it happening.

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