Hmm. Meera points out that

Meera points out that my archives and such are screwed up something fierce. Going to have to work on this. Or just take the plunge at long last and get myself a domain name and REAL webspace where I do stuff. After I do this post, I’ll try and fix the blog, at least.
In the meantime, its time for MY turn to explain what Trump is. Meera and Arref have had their say, and actually Meera mentions some more on it. Good stuff all around and I suggest you read up on it.
Those who have read my Cosmology of the Amber Universe already know how I think when it comes to such matters. It’s actually somewhat ironic and strange. For a game, for a milieu so open and ready for myth and such as explanations, I veer to the scientific. I guess its my scientific mindset. I may not actually BE like a scientist, but I sure as anything like to think like one.
So what is Trump, then? It’s kind of hard to pin down in a scientific manner, and frankly, it’s easier to follow Meera’s or Arref’s lead and make it mystical in origin and nature. Its not the mark of sentience on the universe in my universe, and its not the fundamental power, either. Instead its a mystical, tangible manifestation of a very strange phenomenon from science called Quantum Entanglement. Basically, you can arrange matters so that linked elementary particles will still have a connection, even if seperated. This connection is a very spooky action at a distance which seems to even work faster than light.
What Trump DOES is establish a quantum connection between the card, and the caller, and the subject. What Trump Artists do, when they learn their art, is to create such connections. This is why Trumps do not have to be portraits, but portraits are far and away the most common–it is far easier to focus on creating the quantum connection in the creation of a portrait than anything else. Yes I do realize I am introducing mystical elements in the fact that Trump Artists can do this, but the thought I have had is that its the power of their mind. Maybe I am closer to Arref’s sentience than I think in that sense…but there is a school of quantum thought which suggests that certain events on the quantum level do not have an outcome until they are observed…again, going back to Sentience. However, my quantum explanation for Trump does explain some things–like why conversations are in real time between the two parties of a trump call, or why stepping through a Trump takes no time at all-its going through a quantum teleportation, and therefore is instantaneous.