Early monday morning. Rams beat

Early monday morning.
Rams beat the Eagles (although the dirty birds made a game of it, more than anyone gave them credit for).
Patriots…shock the Steelers?! Who would have thought? Brady gets hurt, Bledsoe off the bench…and the Steelers can’t take advantage of a QB who hasn’t played in a couple of months. Once again, Pittsburgh goes down in the big game at home.
In the 1990’s, Pittsburgh had three AFC championship games at Three Rivers. In 1994, they were such big favorites over the Chargers, they (as was vogue for the time) made a super bowl rap video. Thing is, they made theirs BEFORE the Chargers game.
Result? Chargers win.
Then came their game against the Indianapolis Colts in 1996, a cinderella team out of the AFC East much like the Patriots this year. The Steelers barely held on, a last minute pass by the Colts JUST falling short
In 1997, the Steelers faced the wildcard Denver Broncos…and were spanked. Those Broncos, if you recall, then went on to defeat the mighty Green Bay Packers in one of the most entertaining Super Bowls ever.
So, 1-2 in the 1990’s. And now, in this season, heavy favorites over the Patriots, the Steelers seemed to learn NOTHING. I’ve read this morning that Pittsburgh actually made their travel plans to New Orleans for the Super Bowl in advance “To avoid the rush.” I’m glad they did so, it means they can go down to Bourbon St. and get drunk while the AFC champion Patriots take on the Rams.
The bookmakers install the Rams as 14 point favorites over the Patriots. The two teams actually played this year, with the Rams winning 24-17. I’d really not like to bet against the Greatest Show on Earth, with Warner, Faulk, Holt, and friends…but “On any given Sunday…” was proved Sunday Afternoon in the Land of Three Rivers. It’s a longshot, but the Patriots have a chance.
Heck, maybe if the Patriots DID beat the Rams, Warner will reveal himself as a space alien in his frustration.
One counter-argument though. This is the third Super Bowl appearance for the Patriots. Ironically, their other two appearances were held in New Orleans. Unfortunately, both of those were failures. They lost to the Bears 46-10 in 1985…and then lost to the Packers 35-21 in 1996.