Agitated today. I think its

Agitated today.
I think its a reflection of work but it is coloring my perceptions of things.
For example, looking around a bit, reading Djinn the Spazz blog, I see she responded to my Black Hole comment. Her implication irks me somehow, but I think its just my agitation today making me find fault in it.
Iwas speaking from a personal standpoint as far as ACUS goes. Not that the con was destined to be a disaster or anything of the sort…but so far it seems like its going to be somewhat diminished by the absence of friends I don’t get to see as often as I’d like. That’s why I call it a Black Hole. If I really thought that it was going to be bad, I wouldn’t be running a game.
I’ve tentatively decided not to run a second. I co-ran two games and ran an informal one in slot 1, and that was quite a bit for me last year. I think Ad Astra per Amber is enough, for now. I still might get roped into the slot one gambit, depends on what Bridgette, Felicia, Scott and the other friends that do come want to do. Besides, I have no illusions…I know that my games are not precisely clamored over at Ambercon.