Learned today that Nobilis will

Learned today that Nobilis will now not be available until at least April. Rats.
This is what the term “vaporware” came from. And I am having shuddering rememberances of the ADRPG promised book on Rebma which never saw the light of day.
Then again, maybe because I am feeling lousy (physically) is just making me cranky. It might even explain why the Black Hole incident got under my skin the other day.
Saw Count of Monte Cristo (dragging myself to the theater to do it). On my popcorn scale (1 to five kernels, five being a Classic Movie), it gets a bare two and a half kernels. For every good piece of cinematography, there was a foot in the mouth, sometimes literally. Poorly written dialogue, a fight scene which was edited rather badly and a couple of glaring logistical flaws in plot. I think of this much like I did the Les Miserables movie done a couple of years ago…definitely not the book, by any stretch of imagination.