Okay, I changed the template

Okay, I changed the template around somewhat, to colors more of my own. I’ll probably tinker with the thing for quite some time in the future. A new toy! Now, some actual good content.
I’ve been reading a bunch of RPG books lately, buying them like popcorn. I am very interested in the upcoming Nobilis, and another game, Agone, looks interesting too. Maybe I will pick up the latter when Nobilis comes out.
3e Manual of the Planes was and is interesting. I caught a Zelazny reference…the new link between alternate prime material planes (game worlds) is…ta da, the Plane of Shadow. Even more clinching, the description of the terrain changes on the POS trying to go from the corresponding area on one world to another sure sounds like shadow shifting to me. Pretty neat. I had disliked the idea of splitting up the Prime Material Plane this way (in the old 1st and 2nd edition, all the Prime Material planes had the same set of outer planes…but now, conceptually, D&D worlds can be easily plunked into an Amber universe with a lot less fuss now, if you wanted to do such a cross.