Time to return to Amber,

Time to return to Amber, as Arref said.
And speaking of my good friend, he begins a dialogue on Dragons and other Primal Creatures of Power. And asks what else there might be out there in Amber games?
Well, I do have Dragons. It features promimently in the backstory of one PC, another PC has a formal relationship with another. There are shadow dragons, which are the garden variety ones, and then there are the True Dragons…the ones which can shift shadow, the ones which are extremely powerful. They have limits, even Gazalarnith, the dread Dragon Lord, but messing with them is definitely not to be recommended.
I think that setting a points value on a relationship with an entity like this would be much more than a 1 point ally. I would hazard and rule it might be as much as a Chaos Devotee.
But anyway, what else is out there?
Well, excluding beings on the order of the Unicorn, the Serpent, and the young Phoenix in SB, there are plenty, although underutilized thus far in my game. But let me whip up an example of my own, my favorite just behind the dragon.
Body of a lion, head of an eagle, Griffins take a second place to Dragons in my fondness for creatures of this type. In SB, I posited that the creation myth for a shadow for an NPC, Hadrian, involves an association between the Unicorn and DuMarque’s Griffin.
Griffins are often portrayed as violent and avaricious as Dragons. Everway’s Spherewalker Handbook (out of print, but if you see it, grab it!) has a more nuanced view–that Griffins are also an embodiment of Courage. And I do like this concept. They might not have the Primal Power of a Dragon, but they have their own little piece of mythological real estate. In fact, Spherewalker suggests that in rare, extreme situations, when Courage is displayed, they may appear, to intervene on the side of righteousness. Not just courage in valor, but any sort of courage against the most dire of odds. In other words, Griffins can come, in effect, as patrons of lost causes. And their position as masters of the air and ground make them fearsome opponents in such situations. They are not as blindingly intelligent as Dragons, and the lesser griffins (like the lesser dragons) are of less than human intelligence…but the True Griffins can fly the winds of Shadow, and are quite intelligent, indeed.