Monday Mashup: Fantastic Four

This week’s Monday Mashup is: The Fantastic Four

I’d do the Fantastic Four as a Nobilis game. The idea of familia is one already in Nobilis, its possible that an Imperator would have chosen four members of an already existing family to be his or her Powers. Naturally, it would be a rather odd Imperator with estates of Fire, Transparency, Stone(?) and Flexibility(?) but I’ve seen odder combinations on the Nobilis List. Considering the Richards family’s devotion to Mankind, they would be Nobles of the Light, of course.
I don’t thinK I’d give them the full points; making this a little underpowered (to, say Amber character level than full Nobles) would make for a more satisfactory game experience. But with Excrucians and agents of the Dark as opponents, it would certainly be a more action packed Nobilis game than the usual…but I think it could be a lot of fun, as well.

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