Got this meme via Ginger, who got it via Tim Hall.
Maybe this will help me feel better, thinking about something OTHER than my situation…note these are not in any sort of ranking order. And it is admittedly incomplete

Seven Things That Make Me Laugh:
1.Monty Python
2.It’s a Mad Mad Mad World (movie)
3.A weird spot on my hip/thigh
4.Dilbert (comic)
5.Get Fuzzy (comic)
6.Terry Pratchett novels
7.Political cartoons
Seven Things I Love:
1.The Sciences
3.NFL Football
5.Maps and Atlases
6.Computer Strategy Games
Seven Things I Loathe:
1.Fox News Network
2.Fundamentalists of any stripe
3.Beef Liver
5.Hazy, Hot, Humid Days
Seven Things on my Desk:(at work)
1. My band-broken watch
2. Post it notes
3. Tape dispenser
4. Pencil
5. Staple remover
6. Bottle of Propel water
7.Unfinished roll of Spree
Seven Facts About Me:
1.I’m the only person in my family to have lived in three time zones
2.I’ve visited both Disneyland and Disney World
3.My laughing has been compared to “Mutley”
4.All of my computer knowledge is self-taught
5.I suffer from moderate to severe motion sickness
6.I dream in color and in full sound
7.I collect ammonite fossils
Seven Things I Can Do:
1.Multitask on a PC
2.Put my leg behind my head
3.Create RP scenarios on the fly
4.Rattle off two dozen digits of pi
5.Name twilight zone episodes from watching the opening scene
6.Conduct microbiological lab experiments
7.Orient myself by the stars
Seven Things I Can�t Do:
3.Play sports well
4.Walk by a bookstore without stopping inside
5.Drive stick-shift
6.Tie a bowtie
7.Do those magic-eye puzzles
Seven Famous People I Want To Meet:
1. Stephen Hawking
2. Patrick Stewart
3. Jimmy Carter
4. Phil Simms
5. Brian Greene
6.Patrick McGoohan
7.Queen Noor
Seven Albums People Should Give a Listen:
1. Time, by ELO
2. One, by the Beatles
3.The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack
4.90125 by Yes
5.Traveling Wilburys Vol 3, by the Traveling Wilburys
6.2112, by Rush
7.Journey to the Center of the Earth, by Rick Wakeman