Arref continues to work on

Arref continues to work on creatures of power, and this time describes, a bit, on the Unbrood.
Let me tell you. No description in print does it justice. In the EGB/Amber the Eternal City setting, my character Archard actually tangled with the Unbrood. Arref described it so well, made the evil and danger of the creature so palpable, so real, that it actually gave me a waking nightmare, weeks after the game. I had a very visceral sense that the Unbrood was in my room, hanging on the posts of my half-bunk bed, and that it was going to overwhelm me. Upon turning on the light in a panic, I saw that it was just an extra blanket draped over the frame.
Arref does GM light and sweet, and also white knuckle bone terror equally well. I’m not sure I’d WANT to play in a Call of Chulthu game run by him…but it would be a rush all the same. Although a De Profundis game with him in it would be something.