“No risk, no reward”

Okay, I am hardly a Houston Texans fan, nor likely to be one. (Sorry Ginger!) However, I was surprised and amazed by the “roll the dice” approach of the Head Coach at the end of the game yesterday against the Jaguars.
The Score is 20-17, Jacksonville. You have the ball on their 1 yard line with two seconds on the clock, 3rd down. Conventional wisdom says you (try) and kick the field goal to tie, and go into overtime.
Dom Capers decided to go for it. For the unfootball inclined, there is no way to try a play, have it fail and then kick the field goal in under two seconds. So, if he failed here, the Texans were going to lose.
David Carr took a QB keeper and got across the goal line. Texans win, no overtime needed, Jacksonville (likely getting ready for an overtime session) stunned and amazed.
As was I.
In less happy football news, the Jets lost to the Dallas Cowboys. No surprise…but now Bill Parcells’ Cowboys, by beating both the Giants and the Jets at Giants Stadium, have a better record in Giants Stadium this year than either the Giants or the Jets.
Even more of a coincidence, Dallas will play Bill Parcells’ OTHER team in his resume, the New England Patriots, at New England Nov 16th.