Monday Mashup: Star Trek

Bryant’s mashup this week is Star Trek.
Not Next Generation. No DS9. Voyager need not apply. And Enterprise is out, too. Just the original…

There are a couple of good ideas in the comments, in fact one of them dangerously close to my original idea…so I will go with my alternate.
Let’s mashup Gamma World with Star Trek.
Kirk, Spock and their crew are the crew of a riverboat (on the former Mississippi and its feeder rivers–the Missouri, Ohio, Minnesota, etc.) Scions of a settlement which has sent them to explore, make contact and make sense of what was once the United States.
Spock, clearly, is a mutant–he has the ears, and odd abilities, too. But the Federates are not that intolerant of mutants.
They’ll be contact with other colonies, new civilizations all along the rivers. There will be a couple of mutant groups who have gotten to the point where they, too, are sending boats along the rivers–Klingons and Romulans.
And plenty of green-skinned babes for the Captain to seduce. Who could ask for anything more?