Cardinal Directions

Here is a Meme that I am hoping people will pick up, since its one of those things that interest me about myself, and other people, and its relatively fun and easy. And if it doesn’t, well you will learn a little more about me anyhow.
I call it, for lack of a better title, Cardinal Directions
UPDATE: Cleared up a couple of things on the meme.

Slight update for clarification: I generally am curious about the boundaries as far as land goes. It’s harder and not quite as fair to use things like the height an airplane reaches above the ground, nor the path of an airplane on a great circle route.
As far as East/West goes, I do realize the Greenwich Meridian and the International Date line complicates matters. The way I mentally think of East and West are as relative directions from your hometown, as measured by the shortest distance. This is to say, from NYC, Greenwich England is the furthest East I’ve been, even if it is technically also the furthest West. Of course people who have circumnavigated the globe can’t really answer the East/West question.
What is the furthest North you have ever been?
The north suburbs of London, England, visiting the RAF museum there.
The furthest South?
St. Petersburg, Florida.
The furthest West?
San Simeon, Hearst Castle, on the California coast
The furthest East?
Greenwich Meridian, London, England (in the Western Hemisphere: Black Rock, Connecticut)
The highest elevation?
A little more than a mile above sea level, at Idyllwild, California.

10 thoughts on “Cardinal Directions”

  1. I’m going to have to think about this before I can answer. I don’t think I can say clearly what my furtherest east-west is, because I’ve circumnavigated the globe.

  2. Ahem:
    Technically speaking the furthest West you (and I) have been is when you were on the west side of the Greenwich Meridian.

  3. Thought you might like to know that this has been taken up as a meme by the Culture Mailing List. So now 50 people you’ve never heard of are in the process of filling it out.

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